The other day 3 of us took turns to share our saddest innermost problems, and I realised that life has not been much of an issue recently, other than that. . . but honestly, yeah there isnt anything bothering me so much right now, like, now.
Is this a problem in itself?

I have worked for 1month already! I’m thinking if staying on for >2months would be good, because sometimes I get really bored and think life’s so meaningless slotting credit cards. Like one week, i’d be looking forward talking to becks for 5 days, and the next week i’d feel so sian of taking 48 so early everyday. If not for the better paying salary, I would happily hunt for my 5/10 job which I want to take up before uni starts.

The current state my 19year old friends are in now is like, just living for the sake of living hahaha
Earn money, pass time, go out, sleep, repeat.
I feel like having a stayover. Break this mono life and get a new life hahah

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