jeremiah 29:11

I.. really do not have time to write anything here. Blame it on work, blame it on bad time management, blame it on sianness, but I really had a terrible tuesday last week. It was like entering hell, but i’m really glad i got back to earth.
Friends, I haven’t gotten the chance to say it. Nus & Ntu rejceted me holy shit right.
I have got so much feelings bottled up, some of which poured out on tuesday itself, and every other day till today.
I do thank God for placing some guys who try to console me very optimistically, despite the fact that nothing can very much keep me more positive than before.

Another time to blog about this crap position i’m in.
Right now, I’m feeling very much hopeful for Singapore. I was there at the global day of prayer over at max pavillion and I did feel a sense of motivation to pass on my water bottle to people like chanshongsjoeysnesss.
I really wonder how we all will lead lives as we mature, form families and age.
Okay it’s nearing 1, there’s work tomorrow, but i took half day, 😀  there’s lots of things to do tomorrow!


2 thoughts on “jeremiah 29:11

  1. margs, what water bottle? haha anyway, have faith, have faith, i know things will work out eventually. this friday, going? like little choice huh. :/

    P.S. i can eat, a lot. really!!!

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