ChurchCamp2009 -More than conquerors

Church camp was Awesome. It was like a dramatic one, a hopeful one, one that I could feel the holy spirit pouring over our souls. Sofitel and Lawrence has made me very full. The food wasnt too bad, and each lesson was fruitful oh such spiritual food i managed to have. So imagine how fat i am now zzz

What a timely camp . Yes, i really needed some time with God. Get my life back on track, back to running the race. But this time with the destination changed. Not towards anything but God. It takes lots of courage and faith and action to say it and mean it man. The theme of conquering ourselves and living life victorious and having the fear of the Lord etc was something i needed to be reminded of.
I couldnt believe myself going up to alter call. (my first time sial) I couldnt imagine myself being so fragile like a tofu that got smashed and cried buckets so many times. But i did, and felt so good.
Okay i think im getting very religious now but i can’t help it and im actually proud of it.

Tomorrow i’m going back to work. Hopefully i get to see my eyecandy ah havent seen him for like.. 6days!! haha okay yaye i got new live msn so hip so hip


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