Just so because,

I feel encouraged today (: Not because I saw vivian balakrishnan my idol at downtown line 2 groundbreaking ceremony, or the $$$ i’ll be getting from doing this one-off butler job, but because I’m thankful that God stood by  me throughout the time i spoke to stacey, our poms, in the afternoon.  

Words came out smoothly-things I have learnt the past few months/years, and went into stacey’s ears and heart. The sight of her weeping so badly  showed me how much emptiness she has been living with all these while. Her story, a story I could imagine, shot me dumbfounded . . but then I didnt stop trying, and I started speaking from experience(not like Im damn good in it) 
The omnipresence of him somehow helped me say what was needful to pompipi. I observed her listening attentively, giving slight nods, showing that she agreed and reflecting on what I said. 

Like she has said, it’s still something that everyone will feel at that point of time, which no words/comfort can aid the wound that’s bleeding. And I guess that’s part and parcel of sufferings we all need to face. And all these sufferings are God-given.

She’s such a strong girl, im feeling hopeful for her family and her. More importantly, thank you Lord for  placing strength in us to get things going, especially in a time of need like this 😀


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