roller coaster

I’m not ready for school. After these few months of waiting and trying, i feel tired.
Even if I have a space for me in some uni, I would question myself if i was ready to enter school again, or this year at least.
I got rejected by nie, which leaves me to smu(that’s if they even reply me soon).

Crusade camp has thickened my walk with God once more. Many told me how brave i was, many friends i meet tell me to push on, many people encouraged me. Many fellow mates told me that God has something to speak. I am honoured to live life like many of them.

if you were to ask me which year’s a roller coaster ride, i’d say 2009
but i’m on the roller coaster with God. He’s riding it with me, He created it for me, He planned my ride.
I might be only at the beginning of the ride, because it will take a lifetime(my life on earth) before my roller coaster ride end. Only in heaven will i sit with him in eternity on the comfy-est sofa watching movies together hehee

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