I almost succeeded having nails growing extensively superceeding the flesh of my fingers. But almost means not yet. Means partial fail. Means still fail. But compared to the past, it’s still an improvement right!

No more newspaper delivery. My mum decided to cancel it because other than daddy who reads it while shitting every morning, hardly anyone touches them): Just when I wanted to make a new resolution of reading newspapers (the only thing I read) again, I face some constraints now like having to travel to the nearest mamashop to buy 1copy of the straits times sian.
so should i just treat it as an exercise climb down some flight of stairs and lose some fats ?

The other night over supper they started the  topic of networking and till today, it’s still ringing in my head. I wonder how big my network is. Actually I just wonder how active my network can be/ will remain in the long run. I’m hoping a positive YES! But I highly doubt so. Hmm see how lor see if I’m worth something to them because if I am, they’ll approach me automatically haha

Okay and now that August is drawing near in a couple of weeks, and everyone starts school proper, it’s time today to draft out something. Then get onto it, hopefully upgrade myself and do some of the things one cannot do when he’s passed the age of 19.


2 thoughts on “Random

  1. haha hi dawn! But they are gone already hahh i need another round of manipedi to keep em long.
    And i decided to reply my comments so if you’d realised you’re the first person im replying on my blog 😀

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