Brained out

It came this morning. Period.
Feelings were up and down high and low in and out left and right.
Well well you know if it was my birthday today i’d wish i had better memory. I feel like a dory very often. My memory = epic phail

It’s good and bad as some might say but because bad overwhelms a pessimistic person like me, lousy memory mean an inability to remember gritty details of anything and everything. A simple eg would be like having difficulty recalling learning points from “Big Girls Don’t Whine- Jan Silvous”, a book Mich is doing for girls’ cell. How to remind myself with verses from the Bible when my memory so lousy! ):

So now while i’m pmsing away, I’m finding it tough to handle it the Big girl way because I forgot certain contents written in the book. Sianttm. Prayer is powerful though.
Prayer + knowledge +application = my new goal in life hahahahah
I need brain supplements. anyone?


2 thoughts on “Brained out

  1. HUH your period came? Aiyo, so damn sian! HAHA! But no choice loh! Keke! And I really need your help with LJ cos you’re such a smartie with the template and stuff! HAHA! KK cant wait to chooze pics tmr! YAYE! & our sepia photoshoot! HAHA! K BYE! 😀

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