Dreams Alive

I’m seeing young people rising up. They’re making so much money and it scares. It’s a silent pressure no?

1. You’re Beautiful Casts
This is perhaps the latest Korean Drama that was released in October2009. Storyline aside, the casts are really really young! You can watch it here.
It’s still ongoing, anyone should really watch dramas they are a girl’s second best friend!

Left to right, Jang Geung Suk 22, Jung Yong-Hwa 21, Lee Hong Ki 19
(Real names and real age)

Park Shin Hye 19

It’s really incredible handling fame and wealth at such a tender age. Toughies!
Just imagine okay, I’m 19 too. All my friends, all 19, no where like those above keke
Even my sibling, or church friends who are slightly older, (im saying those 25yrs and below) how to imagine there’s people younger than them and yet are already in their careers like acting?

And I finally found someone who’s born on the same day same year as me. What the right,

D.O.B: 02 March 1990
The more I think of it, the more i feel like a loser cause just look at who he is and who I am!?!?!!
I read about him on some korean star site, he’s the team leader for this up and rising kpop boy band called F.T Island. Same age, same birthday, different fates. . . heehee at least I finally found someone with the same birthdate as me !

It might seem like, hello they’re superstars, that’s Korea for you or just plain lucky laa. But this year I really met someone who’s not too old and already freaking rich!

2. Real estate agent, Serene
Yeah she’s none other than my manager. Well you see, I’m currently working as a personal assistant for a real estate agent. Over the past 2 years, she has been making lots of money in the realty industry. All through her own blood and sweat. But despite all the time she slogged her guts out, she still kept her social life running. Clubbing, movies, eating, dramaing anything we all do!

From Left: Serene 24, Jane(her very good friend also in this line)

It’s not like all the people I’ve mentioned above have bad history behind their successes. In a way I see their dreams come alive. They do have fame and wealth. I think all of them have really a good sense of time management. Discipline is a key to success, just like what pastor mentioned. Okay now, what is success then? Heh heh. in my mind it’s shouting "i wanna be like them!" then in my heart it’s saying "you sure?"
this scares the hell out of me man idk


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