stay at home to sleeeep day: i decided not to go work. my throat is so pain my head is so pain! I havent fallen sick for about 10months and today booms my throat is sore and shingz

crazy fan ew: the other night i met sugi in the lift for the second time and i just had to be so shy.
i prayed and prayed and told myself i must smile and say hi the next time i see him.
and when he finally did in such an enexpected manner last evening while i was walking home i stared at him but when we finally passed each other nothing happened! ahhhhh ahahha there just wasnt enough time
sugi leh, imagine knowing him(as a neighbour)!

dizgusting phone: i thought my phone is finally serviced but no the sensor is too sensitive now it navigates itself there’s like a ghost touching it i cant msg properly i need to spend another day going to LG again. sux my lyfe ttmz

missing macbook: no laptop for 1week because micmic lent it to jeanmama for designing some church thing sighs missing my videos & dramas & etc

gingerbreadman rockz: go get it on your iphone/touch it’s so thrilling hahahahah i only passed once though i literally perspire from that game siaotingtong

housephone: cx just called and we talked and we planned our whole week already yaye

not so frequent in updating because i have dificulties blogging using the computer so seechya soon 😀


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