I have not managed to get proper sleep since last week.
You know how much a pig I am.
Anyway there has been so much to thank God for. (you know, family relations. . )
I finally ended my flexi job with Serene.
But I still have some incomplete work to finish for the next few days. .
I want some time to stay home and just waste my life away for maybe 3days

I better get down to writing my testimony, getting an itouch charger, clearing my shelf and ohmy eating less!

Well Batu Aji trip is coming up in a week I’m leaving Singapore again 😀
Let’s get mentally physically and spiritually prepared man. I wonder how a ‘mission trip’ feels like, I guess it wouldnt be much of a diff experience cause I’m heading there with close people like my sistal and candice and jowynez


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