running fast away

saying no time to complete this/that is really an excuse for me
there’s really no such thing as no time if there was proper time management and that comes with discipline
im feeling like 8/right now
now i say there’s no time because i havent packed my bagpack for the trip tomorrow, clear my shelf, send my phone for repair for the third time, write out resolutions for 2010 etc misc. i need to entertain aunty jenny who’s here till wed and prepare myself for batuaji. . on top of those, i got 2 really last minute job offers and i took them up for only 2 reasons: experience and $$$. Did the cheap labour one today, now im left with the casual labour one and that means i also need to memorize some info and history of Raffles Hotel before tues, which is one day after I reach SunnySingapore.

im so busy and i made it that way ): it was supposed to be a time to rest, enjoy december and most importantly prepare for school. now with the trip, then raffles job, then caroling pracs, there’s hardly time for dinners and celebrations
i want to get ready for school but now i have orientation on 28th, and meta camp till 31st omg no time for myself, no time to live like the hamsters in my house right now
and i know after knowing how busy i am i still lie and give excuses to myself saying ”it’s never too late so just let me watch finish my meteor garden first, i’ll do those later” anyone just slap me now?

God you’ll be there right ? The drive, you control it!!!!!!


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