b a t u a j i

remember those save-water campaigns we did in primary school? the times we drew a tap and 1 big water droplet on drawing blocks, saying WATER IS PRECIOUS … i never imagined how disabled i felt without water thank god for singapore for running water for clean water for drinkable tap water for just H20 i just got home from my virgin mission trip! im happy to be back home even though im starting to miss the bumpy rides in the bread van. (to be edited after i end my casual labour at raffles hotel !)

/edit thurs 17/12/09 hey the best picture i could find to me at least is this

for those who went on multiple mission trips before, this trip was like a holiday. good meals, good weather, good shelter, ample time to move around and a wider scope of batuaji revealed. so likewise for me, even though it’s my first time i kinda underestimated what batu aji could offer me. it was indeed really easy to handle and problem free. Of course there’s loads to thank God for from journey mercy to clean food to almost perfect sanitation, and I’m once again amazed at how a muslim country has christ-loving people living all out for God. Though the quantity was comparable to maybe the size of our youth group, i saw adults who probably had double the passion for and faith in God.  We’re talking about real issues. In the short prayer session we had, I kinda sensed where they were coming from as vulnerable ‘city’ dwellers in Batam. I could see how fearful Pak Yudi (person in yellow sleeves) was. Being the owner of his family and their future, he needs to ensure the well being of his loved ones. Like we learn in geography, economy sustenance in LDCs like Batam is difficult. So it’s like they are living as the days go past, if investors pull out due to comparitive advantages, that’s it for them. This is when faith comes in, where God allows his people to worship him despite being born into such circumstances. By far, God has been blessing him for 8years. I was shocked initially that Yudi was actually the people’s warden for SMC in batu aji. That’s because he was our personal driver for the trip. We do not know how far he stays, or whether he applied for leave, we just know he was there to fetch us for visitations, meals and our trips back home. I even thought they hired some random one to drive us around. .  Looking at their situation, we cant help but repeat how blessed we are to be brought up in singapore. Education, surroundings, proper health sanitation, hygiene, telecoms whatever and because we all get too comfortable and luxurious we expect much more and neglect what we already have. Everyone says let’s not take things for granted, treasure and give thanks. But to how much are we living up that statement? And for only ourselves? so little, and No. We ought to reflect and confess how horrible and filthy our minds are. You should have seen how excited the little kids were when they got to design the boring wooden frames, how the adults treasured the photos we printed for them using our instant printer- something some of us consider ‘worthless’. So ironic ): Well, this mission trip learning points sounds so cliche la, just like all virgin trips would sound like. 

I do praise God for his continuos blessings and like what pastor mentioned before, Contentment and Gratitude. This two big words I need to remind myself constantly of for the whole of next year aye.  


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