Thos S B Raffles

wow i cannot believe i made it through stoning+reading+smsing+drawing for 18+hours in 2days
the whole time I see this and only this. . .

(yeah so bored I even created a new signature for myself- top right hand corner)
btw, the christmas tree is real and imported, it gives off this green grass forest smell and i cannot take it any longer. i actually like the smell of grass, but this tree smells disgustingly weird!

the past 2 days I see people spending from $890 to $30000+
O.O yeah
working in Raffles makes me want to be part of hotel management again.
Raffles interior and exterior is just so amazing, love the colonial design damn a lot, especially with the christmas deco all up, it just feels so british!
anyway the canteen food’s really good, better than those economical rice
the friends I made consits of that indian uncle on the raffles brouchure, and that LV store manager person
and like 80% of the people who purchases Louis Vuitton stay in HDB dont pray pray yo
last day tmr and bye work for the rest of this year

hmm christmas is really coming
& i really want to lose some weight
but think about turkeys, ham, chocolates etc sianttm right


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