By the time I post this entry up, it’d be christmas! 
My relatives turned up for christmas party today. All along I asked for only friends and more friends to go, and in the end my family showed up with just a random pop of word by mouth over the phone this morning.

I exchanged the most no. of sentences with my cousin who’s 17 for the first time since we were born. Neighbours Aunty susan came. Uncle albert came. Even Ilango’s mother came. WOW i’m sure God has a plan for those whose doors are opened just slightly enough to slip a note in.. The atmosphere was there, so merry and joyous with all the food.. including the ones mummy prepared for the past 2days.

A gathering, to celebrate the birth of Jesus. The one whom we should fear the most in our lifetime. The one who first loved us.

Blessed christmas everyone!


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