twenty ten

 My back is deprived of proper comfort! I’ve been sleeping on mattresses for the past 4nightszzzzzz 
Anyway welcome to twenty ten, the year i’ll hit the Big 2, the year i’ll start studying again, the year…. continues 
Honestly speaking Im really excited for this year, but i’m sure too this excitement will arrive to a standstill soon because when monotony comes in, or when life gets exceedingly busy, complains and tiredness and whining starts hopefully i’m ”geared to last” 

Haha, yeah, that was the theme for Meta camp 2009. In actual fact I went for 2 camps, and 2 parties the past 4 days. I had my university orientation squeezed in 1day, and I thought it was really insufficient, especially if they wanted us to find promising project partners from our respective groups. . and it’s not as though im sociable enough to talk to anyone without any judging them you know
But i’m pretty sure things will turn out better when school starts proper! 
Meta was truly refreshing la, even though they didnt hit on stuff that I was looking out for, I had sessions about living in this world of compromise, salvation and facing inner giants Of course the team bonding went well and Im really happy to know that people do value me in Engine haha and meeting the SIM team was darn fun,
which is something I’m looking forward attending school starting monday. 

I’m hoping so much for this year ! Ive been feeling so much of God’s Love the past week have everyone felt it? ??? 😀


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