5 Ts

In meta camp, pastor kai told us a simple method to follow
The 5 Ts:
1. Through the Bible (old/new testament)
2. Ten minutes daily
3. Title a thought
4. Take it down
5. Tell someone
Well, i’m sure this habit is hard to follow, i tried it out today, i dont know how long it’ll last.. we’ll just see 

Plans Untold (Jeremiah 32:1-35)
Jeremiah had to buy a land at the worst possible time even though the future looked gloomy then. It was what God told him(32:15), it was a promise(32:37). Likewise, God has promised us too in our lives(29:11) about the plans he has. We might not be sure right now but faith do continues. Rev11:15 reminds us to continue to rise and shine. 

I often ponder and ask God if everyone in this world had quiet moments where they think about future and life realistically. Like where will we be really 5/10/15 years down the road? Thankfully I got my answer already, and I’m grateful for the time I can spend one day right before school starts. Therapy for nails, retail, movie, and food. 
I’ve got  2 other friends chans and dawn, and we are gluttons. . .  thank god it’s monday friday (singapore) serve better potato skin ons than those in melb!!! and the pricing here is so much higher . . . . . Anyway I was wondering if I’ll ever have a good friends with high pitched voices. . . Caught Al vin and the C hipmunks 2 today and I thought they were really funny and cute! But after 2hours you realise it gets kinda annoying hahhahahaha 


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