Hebrews 11

It’s barely 10 days into 2010 and it feels like im drowning. Take it like swimming, my muscles are starting to cramp because I havent hit the pool for 14 months. I took up butterfly strokes and diving this week. Im pacing well with butterfly because I vaguely remember it, but diving no. The instructor pushes me to swim at a higher speed when im still trying to maintain my lower speed, I havent even had the chance to accelerate. I need to buy my goggles, swimming costume, and even book my own lane for swimming. This takes up more time aside from swimming alone. The other swimmers, some have really nice goggles, others disgusting swimming costumes. It’s getting harder to know more swimmers, because most are settling down among their swimmers they met at the first swimming league. Well, the ones I met at the league are plain nice, and that’s it. Nicole and Bindy are telling me that it takes time for everything to fall in place, and I agree with them, just that Im getting a bit impatient and Im worrying more. On day 1 of swimming practice, I took the initiative to open up, I was really optimistic and I thought my new swimmer friends were really fit, they could help me accelerate quickly. But on day 2 it felt like no way this isnt the way I should swim. Swimmers need to rest and eat too. On day 3 nicole and I decided that it’s time to find other swimmers. It was a very challenging task, but we managed to find 2 new swimmers, more of our kind swimmers. Maybe they’re also as unfit as us, so it’s a good thing if we start knowing each other better and hopefully all exercise more so we can swim fast enough in this league. 

Actually it’s really quite depressing to see others having fun company around so fast(only 4days of school), and i know it’s wrong to think that way because school’s not only about having fun but……… you know the struggle is there its tough it sucks 
I was reflecting and reminding myself of the focus I should be having, and I know that I really know many other swimmers, they all go to the same complex, but just swimming in different leagues. 
Bottom line, I’m getting overly worried half the time Im feeling hopeful, half the time it’s like ohno this cant get any better. I should remove the latter feeling because it’s redundant. 
I think it’s when faith comes in to conquer this mess. And thankfully and graciously I’m able to do it through the bible. It’s amazing because luckily for me, my spiritual walk has been strengthened the past 6months, so I really feel strong enough to face whatever Im going through right now.

Faith, is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see. If we have the faith as small as a mustard seed, we can say to this mulberry tree, ‘Be uprooted and planted in the sea,’ and it will obey us. 


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