God @ Work

I’m really happy with Jannifer Ten, she’s my laptop btw !
In this week, I had 4 sessions where I got to reflect over 2009 and into 2010 and it’s a sign, that this year is geared toward evangelism.
Why do I say that?
In Tuesday’s DG, Wednesday’s crusade, Friday’s Cell and Sunday’s service, all had the same bottom line statement, which was to evangelise. I have always tried running away from it, because I thought it was unnecessary even though it’s already stated in the scripture that we should go make fishers of men and stuff. Procrastination was the number one thing I looked to whenever there were evangelistical events. I used to even think that Campus crusade had ‘wrong’ visions because they were ‘excessive and impulsive’ I realised I was wronged. I mistook the meaning of Evangelism.
It isnt only about conversion. It’s demonstration and proclamation. It’s a two pronged approach, it’s more than a relationship, it’s a faith we’re talking about.
It’s really encouraging to see signs from God, signs that I’ve been asking God to show me. This is teaching me to see what God wants to do in my life, for now at least!

So even as a brand new hectic week 2 of school begins tmr morning at 830am, it’s glistering with hope again!
Week one’s mood report is super fluctuative, Im sure week 2 will become more stable yeah  hahahah
Okay it’s time for discipline matters to take control.


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