True worhshipper

I will never know if what im doing is creating more harm than good. The motivation to study is like stagnant. shit. The environment is alredy studying? shit. The world is just going on man, nothing’s going to care about us, our feelings and our history. shit.
it’s the world, welcome to uni, it’s do or die. shit. Mr.discipline why are you not here yet. shit.

Okay i’ve shitted five times. It’s like im experiencing split personality. One minute I feel the grace of God, the other I feel the evil from satan.
Since i’m already in this stage of life, I think the only thing left that is still the clearest and most important is to worship God. 
DG’s message was timely aye 
nothing will we lose nothing on earth is precious
Worship. True worshipper. . let’s be one 
I know what Im doing is creating more good than harm.


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