Music in my heart!

I miss making music I really do ):
I think music stirs up emotions. God gave humans feelings and connections. How is it that Na’vi (the ‘aliens’ living in pandora in avatar) have emotions? They even have different genders? How is it that Neytiri can even cry? Pandora. . haha the name itself is a myth anyway
Really impressive movie I think this kinda movies stirs up interest in people. People should be watching it and getting something out of it! But it must come with discernment, I feel. It can really sway imaginations and ideals that there is such a thing as ‘nature’ God etc which is biblically wrong.
But anyway, you know movies like this have really orgasmic music compositions muahaha
I couldnt help but notice the music more than the animations/acting
They make me miss times in band where we played the hardest pieces ever


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