I’m keeping up with my new mini resolution
have about 15mins left !!

Complicated world aye. Yes, Social media impacts our lives. Yes, we are controlled by social norms. Yes, we give in to the world, sadly, we behave like the world. Politics are such taboo issues. You know even a small me can smell something? The diffusion rate might grow exponentially sooner or later, and the question now is ”when/how or will it stop?”
Times like these make me wonder how the state of things would be like if I started serving earlier. Would I have made a difference? Not like I’m serving in church now, but incidents like these gives people like me (future generation of leaders, not like im full of potential but you get the drift) fearful vibes. Servanthood isnt easy worship. It moulds and refines us until we reach that Golden age. This process of transformation seem challenging, like how it’s portrayed right now. And having to go through it scares me, it’s surreal huh, you know it’s happening but you cant exactly see it actually happening.
I only know We begin with the end in mind. And we’re all here to worship god. Serving comes automatically with worship. And knowing that even if the road ahead is bumpy with polictics and what not shouldnt give us any reason to stop worshipping him.
So after all these, to serve or not? And then, when?


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