Monotony is the echoing sound of school life. But saying school is monotonous doesnt make sense. With school comes noise, and yeah harmony at times.
More noise for me right now. People say you are thrown into reality once you start work and I really agree with it, but not just work, it’s already started in Uni.  Having brought up in a freaking protected world for the past 19years of mah lyfe I finally get to see the different faces of humans. The selfish independant slate of mind, the do or die mentality, the rely on personal strength attitude, ‘happy-go-lucky comfortable living is my top priority’, that’s life, life sucks perspective. . you know em all

Who isnt looking for the perfect project group? God isnt. In fact he wants to be placed in a difficult group with people of much differences. And in circumstances like these it’s when we can demonstrate and proclaim of his works through us. That’s how we learn right? I’m sure. This isnt a comforting fact just to make me feel slightly better, but honestly, what more can we do? Anyway Kwan just blogged these few words.

 Forgoing All I Trust Him

You see even in different schools, different homes, different lives and different friends we all still have each other and 2things in common. Both we cant run away from. Problems/struggles and God(faith).

Take heart margs! It’s mid week tmr 😀


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