Christian living isn’t at all easy. You show the true heart
of worship on one side but also an ugly point of truth(not so holy and glorifying living) I’m talking about myself and maybe one or two more sisters/brothers in christ I often think of. Who cannot identify these type of people?

Then there are another group of people who assumes that because we are flawed they set their minds that everyone is evil on the mind so they resign to living a scrutinized life and say life sucks life’s never easy.

Which are you?

It’s ironic because some say they are Christians but they aren’t exemplary ones. It’s ironic cause it’s still wiser to be a Christian even though we aren’t exemplary enough. It’s even more ironic because even I’m starting to question and sin more and still proclaim I’m a chrisitian. You see, I actually have the answers to all these ironic statements it’s just that I haven’t gotten the discipline to inquire them. They can be found in the bible, possibly one of the only thing in this world that contains truth. You know what is truth??

The past week has been mentally worrying but then again it was spiritually enriching. These fervent hearts can’t help but make me go on feeling encouraged. It must have been his work at hands, to allow me to go through what I’m in right now, and to come out a person more like him I suppose.

Okay it’s time to meet tpo after eons I’m running late already
Trusting him always, margs 😀


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