sat again

Oops haha not a productive day after all but I got the rest I wanted (:
Anyway I just got a call from this new friend from SIM and the thing I brought back with me is, everyone’s really still learning. Being a christian aside, we’re just all different in the way we talk, behave, look, feel, think, everything. Goals, or maybe how we interpret just anything. How studies is more impt right now in uni vs enjoying vs balancing vs relationships. . . hmmz its freaking cool to meet someone like that right now. really random point/timing, but still we could talk about the most random yet realistic issues. we’re all still learning, it’s a never ending process anyway right.

Okay somehow im feeling the peace of God right now. There’s a time for everything, like it’s written in the bible. I’m sure God’s been there from the start. The past week has been worrying, and stressful, and fearful (again) but aye nothing’s impossible with him.
My schedule’s getting packed, and Im removing events off my calendar, management time management biz management WHAT IS MANAGEMENT!!

I dont think i’ll regret entering SIM. Today’s an example.


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