It is Sunday

Whilst waiting for micmic to come home so we can drive out for dinner, I decided to take this time to blog
the frightening sat has gone past, and I still have a night to go
Anyway yesterday was really lovely sure gna miss those two noisy pigs when they fly to melbourne.

Today I thank God for candice and the many thoughtful words she mentioned on the bus ride home.
Yeah, what matters most is God, and not anything else. The world is for people to judge, but God’s the greatest judge.

Hmm what a streanous week it has been let us look ahead with faith and love.
If you ask why I became so AA and had red puffy eyes today, it wasnt because of mere stress from school. It was anger, and my inability to comprehend why people judge and the impressions im giving to others. It was this irky feeling I couldnt handle that started pouring out in tears during communion. Life will get better, candice, youre right, only God understands right?


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