Love my singirls


Ideas were needed for crusade’s reachouts 2010. I incorporated the idea SAJC had of selling balloons for international friendship day couple of years back last month during my first crusade meet and together with 3 others in the vday planning com, we decided to go minimalism because of limited funds. We gave out 100 free helium balloons, and 700 hand made foam roses on Feb 11 to random friends in SIM. 



This gesture of love might not be seen by many, but God has mighty plans these seeds that have been planted by us will hopefully bloom into awesome flowers one day ! Hmm Havent managed to touch Organisational Behaviour Assignment since thurs because time has been spent with too many lovelies!!



No particular fancy in uploading everything online onto lj. Pictures are for personal momento. Sighs everyone’s really getting busy. Chans is finally flying off tonight and none of us can send her off because we all have reunion dinner. CNY coming yay!  

To cx:  ): I’ll really miss you but i know 3months will fly past quickly. Be sure to call me yeah Life’s not going to be easy over there but you must embrace this new phase ! Miss you many many take care yeah


2 thoughts on “Love my singirls

  1. The first photo- was it taken at my house? Haha looks like my bed sheet! Is it youuu? 😀 you look DARN SKINNY there! time to put on weight ;D

  2. keke CAMERA ANGLE LA you think my legs are as skinny as you see? youve seen them live before for goodness sake haha dawndawn hurry grab f21 stuff !

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