happy tiger year!

going crazy ! ! over organisational behaviour assignment i’m happy it’s coming to an end (friday)
it’s the tiger year, ROARRR at you irritating OB!
Hmm chinese new year has been awesome this year. I was looking through facebook wall feeds(is that what you call it?) because I was too bored of eating pineapple tarts that night and I saw one of my jc friend who wrote "the falseness of this season , doing what we do for the sake of it" Well I got a little affected(you might think what for?) by it because it just shows how much interest you have in your family. I live with my dad, mom and sis. Never was close to much aunties/uncles/cousins/grandparents(all already deceased). Aunty lilian comes to our place once in a while, ah-yi calls sometimes throughout the year. The full family meets only once a year. CNY, okay maybe you can add in christmas. It’s unlike some of my friends who have weekly gatherings at cousins house, something i envy alot alot. Maybe this lack of family tiesand yearning for one made me cringe at that status feed. I’m making a point to know my family better, and I tell myself to bring our lifestyles aside and just bond with one another. Hm not so easy after all.
I think some wall feeds really expresses a person’s immediate feelings and comments, no thoughts are made before hitting the ‘share’ link. We need to be mindful of what we’re telling the world.

okay a few more days and I can see sunshine again 😀 press on margs, seek him first!


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