Faith Hope and Love

i couldnt get back to sleep after waking up this morning and i decided to pray.
the past week has been treacherous, now that chans is gone, cny is over, OB work is settled, accounting mid terms done for, bainians officially stop, htpof overdoses, @.@ im left with the final huihong send off tomorrow and im pretty much done with ‘business’. Finally getting a breather which is something really necessary for me I need to refill my lack of sleep

anyway had a really long prayer.
i can feel ease now, but ease will soon turn otherwise because even i start witnessing the hard fact about life. approval of parents, submission to them, obedience to what they deem is better, etc. I was wondering, dawn, if parents really know better/more. I often feel like my dad never understands my actions and behaviour, how others get so much freedom relative to me, how protective and boxed they are in this new age. And the reason they say, is Daddy knows best, Ive been through it, I care for you, I love you, God loves you.

You know, i think that’s how a dad’s love is. He wants the best for you, and many times we fail to understand why/how things dont go our way and thngs should go his way. This can be aligned to God and his love for us right? We’re always living in darkness, and we assume our ways are best, we go against, we run away from truth and try our best to fight our way through. At the end of the day, anything might change. Our choices or the consequences. But what remains is the Love our daddy(in this case, parents) has for us. This type of love, who gives it so freely other than our God?
Yeah, so I guess that parents really know better/more.

Faith, Hope and Love, but the greatest of this is Love. Dawn, have you gotten all 3, and yet know Love is the greatest? Im still finding it out myself!

it’s not nice seeing her hurt so much. it’s not good knowing how cruel this world can be. it’s scary seeing how this world contain hard facts that kills relations. God, where are you? People’ll tell you he’s there, from the start. So hard to feel it because we cannot see it. But Yup he has been, and will always be. It’s written.
Dawn, I hope I was there for you yesterday in coffeebean. There’s only so much I can comfort you, there’s only this much your friends can fill you in, there’s only this much you can carry out your action plan. I sound like im blowing matters out of proportion, but hmm, I still think God’s gna reveal somethign to you.

I learnt something in crusade yesterday. Let’s P.U.S.H for God. (Pray Until Something Happens)
Keeping you in my prayers.


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