Let earth receive her King

im more than happy today.
i feel blessed. and it’s because

1. I talked to valerie
2. I spoke to chaan and hh more than usual over skype
3. I learn 3chords on the ukulele
4. I performed my first song Joy to the world to 3 friends, Hh, Dawn, Bindy
5. I received my results for the first test in Uni

All glory goes to God


4 thoughts on “Let earth receive her King

  1. you mean that thing is called a ukulele?! HAHA! Aye I was beside HH when you performed the song k! Did you not see me? I crawled out from bed just to watch you perform loooooh! HAHA! So what, ACE your first test? 😀

  2. yes, all glory goes to GOD (:
    Get Twitter margs! After you get it and if you don’t like it, you can shut it down 🙂
    and nice song on the ukelele!!

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