Last sun a few of us met up. A few of us consisted of a random combi, but not so random after all > MoreMoreMore!
It’s wednesday, midweek, and so tired.
Not stretched, but it feels like devil’s been playing with me.
Cannot wait for friday night, because there is cell. Can you imagine? Im actually counting down for cell? Haha but yes feeling so sick of everything lately

Time for a buffet (again) later. ^ ^

Me: For what?
Daddy: For fun.
Me: Whats the point? Cheap meh?
Daddy: Itching for it, Need to eat good food la
Me: For what
Daddy: okayokay, lets just say to celebrate for your midterms
-walks out

): a pity I havent told him about my OB. . . .


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  1. keke your daddy so cute plz! yeah la, eat buffet no need reason one whuuut! family bonding! so how was it? got explode not? HAHA! omg marg, its 8 days! :DDDD going shopping for YOU with hh this sat! 😀

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