Aroma Cell

Each week, I draw new truths from the bible from aroma cell

I remember how the other cell members encouraged me when I was at my lowest last year. It was a different kind of help, it wasnt entirely worldy help, but help that was grounded on the word. That made a lot of difference. Every decision we make in this world is relative in the eyes of another, but God’s truth clearly teaches us how to deal with circumstances like these. I heard so much yesterday during that long 6hour cell, and I’m still utterly shocked at how insignificant humans are with just a degree in their education. Listening to everyone share about the bane of the commercialised world, I got really afraid to grow up because I know, Im totally not ready. Even though the topic wasnt centered around me or my age-group, I compared it with myself and my environment. I dont think my friends are ready as well. I’m thinking if we behave like 20year olds right now, and I guess the answer is no.

I’m still learning. Kind of pessimistic right now, but im still excited to grow up. I will only equip myself with so much from this 1 degree. There’s just so much more aspects to groom myself.

Contrast it to what I’m facing in school, and I can smack my cheeks because I’m going through nothing the rest in cell are. It’s like they are stung by a swamp of bees and I’m only bitten by an ant and here I am complaining like hell. Only goes to show how shallow I am.

I really enjoy attending cell. Anyone should come listen on of these days. My house is open every friday nights, 8 till late.  


2 thoughts on “Aroma Cell

  1. 🙂
    hey margs, just wanna encourage you a lil that we’re really still young. Majority of whatever discussed that night were really extreme cases. Of cuz things gets worst as you climb up the corporate ladder and no one promised that working life would be a bed of roses. But on the other hand, not all of us are made to climb that corporate ladder and face extreme cases like Aunty Connie. Different people face different kind of stuffs. E.g. Your/mine mom and Aunty Connie – I bet there’s alot of difference. It really depends on what field you work in etc. However also consider that if you come out of these situations unscathed, you GROW! not only mentally but it also makes you more mature and ready to take on new challenges!
    So fear not! you still have got 2 more years of school! There’s a possibility that you’ll change by the time you grad! && Easter was just over -> Jesus have already overcome death! What else can we not overcome with GOD on our side!?

  2. Re: 🙂
    hha jowyne, this’s a really slow comment
    but nonetheless, yeah, it’s different for everyone God had it all planned long before we were born.
    hope school’s treating you fine 😀
    meet up soon ?

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