Mondays are usually horrible days for me but today wasnt so horrible afterall.
I need to agree that it makes a difference when you’re living for God because there’s a drive that’s pushing you forward.

quite hungry now, im thinking of the good indian food i had last night
My thosai, chapati, prata, mutton and lime juice . .
Really don’t mind travelling to Mumbai one of these days to be an indian(just for a day)



2 thoughts on “?/

  1. HAHA sure noooot, go India? HAHAHAH! Anywy you had Indian food AGAIN ytd nigggght? HAHA aye sian la, friday moring flight is full so Im only taking the afternoon and reaching sg at nigth! ):

  2. no i only had indian food once
    hmmm so it’s friday night touch down its okay it means you can spend more time wiht hh !!!!!!!! haha get her to send you off

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