Who am I ? Who are you?

Hi it’s 3:38am and I’m groggy from supper at rail mall with mich tabi and Joyce(new friend)
very much concluded that I’m not a night person afterall, because half the time I zonked out while they were going about their take on piracy issues.

God, who am I really to take a stand for anything? I’m just but a human. As secular as the world can get, I suppose what God expects is that we honour him in any action we take.

You see, he didn’t say that being a Christian is easy especially in grey areas like these. Let us not bring in language and definitions into the picture before trying to come up with any statements. Let us seek god in guiding us to an answer.

Anyway I want to remind myself that this blog isn’t here for promoting how hip/ happeningz my life has been for me, rather, it’s more of a visual testimony to testify what my saviour has been doing through me. You see, Im not outrightly cool/toot or at these extremes, but nothing matters because at the end of the day, god looks at our hearts. I must confess that I’ve been bitching a hell lot lately, and maybe fantasising too much this season. Let all these lessen, and let me face reality. Lord , teach me how t stop questioning who I am but t ask who you are.

Fruitful Friday.( though it’s sat already)
next few days are gna be chanxified @@


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