Jowynes houseeee

Ipman is nice!!!!!!
Sorry fell asleep during ipman2 not because it was boring but cause I was tooo sleepy ! Hope I can watch it again tmr with htpof 😀

Feeels great , jojo cancan and margmarg made yummy funghi spaghetti today! they cook way better than me. I always thought I was better than all my friends like htpof, (everyone should see how chan/kwan cook, they only know howto scream haha)

Anyway Micmic came along from school! Happy cause everyone’s schooling again, everyone’s just like sistasforeverl everyone’s just like family 😀

There’s nothig to do now, waiting for dinner to come so we can leave jojo’s house for imm I wonder what’s for dinn!

Has God been good to you? I read that don moen’s coming to town I hope he’ll be holding a concert(other than fop) I’d wanna go!

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