left foot

my left calf feels like it’s burning right now
yucks my left foot hasnt touched water because it cant
it’s my first time seeing some part of my body bandaged wooots!

last night I decided to give gossipgirl a try
and whooops the only thing that made me stop was the fact that it was sat night and church was gna start in a few hours on sunday morning
Half the time when I was watching, I was counting down how many episodes i could cover in order to let me sleep for a while before anyone wakes up in the house. I let myself finish 3episodes and decided that okay, 3am it’s time to stop otherwise id be really sleepy in service tmr

God’s been keeping me alert I didnt feel tired today at all! Anyway Max Brenner at esplanade’s not bad 😀 reminds me of brunetti’s time over in melbourne. Today’s been really blessed it’s one of those nights I feel soaked in God’s presence. God’s been showing me little glimpse of his plans for me. Plans that I would never fathom, thats how he works right ? 
Since the holidays have arrived, Ive been making full use of it and Im super contented with everything thats been occurring so far.
For now, there’s some keen interest in taking up a part time job (just for monetary purposes) hmmm what should I try?


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