Asian Journeys

I entered the clementi community last tues and spent about 9hours with kids. Games, art, drawing, movie, singalong, questionaires, dinner etc
Well, this whole new Red Notebook Programme might lack in structure, probably because it was the first session, and planning was done only by Joanne who’s been busy with other projects. I’m hoping to beef things up a little, so more and more kids in the vicinity will know about it and join us ! One more session this week, here we go again.

The Daily Scoop

Churn, Scoop, Serve, Clear, Orders, Coffee, Sweep, More to come. .
Wow started my first day of work , and it sure got my ass off my home! Finally embarking on a new job (F&B) this time.
One thing for sure, is that my arms are breaking now. i cant even lift up my table/bed/table/bed HELPPPPP!


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