Thankfully there’s sucha thing as friends who have nus accounts to make use of the wireless in nus. Because then I can rant, about this camp I’m in right now:(

I’m not saying that it’s entirely boring, it has been a good experience meeting hmm different people, elite or not, toot or not, nice or not, it’s just that we’re diverse. Last night was really :/ I’m so glad I can miss tmr with the excuse of going to work, but I know that’s wrong. I was thinking, why did god have to make me feel this way when I’ve been blessed the past week?

It has always been the case that we fall back to god when things get too good that cause us to neglect god. But I haven’t neglected him at all the past week, and yet he’s peppering in these dejected feelings.

Prayer is the utmost impt thing I need right now, help, let me learn to enjoy things in the simplest slate of mind, or god’s mind.

Btw, happy birthday chans I rllllly miss you x 1234456779900

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