bear with it

Church Camp was 2weeks ago, &honestly I didnt think that the message spoke to me much :/
Probably because this year was a happy year to begin with, I wasnt that troubled depressed kid who needed to receive any form of enlightenment.
But well, the theme Unity in Christ this year has taught me a few concepts, ie unity in diversity is essential for survival
Easily said, it occurs anywhere. Family, Workforce, School, Church, will accepting differences be easier said than done?

Larkhill camp just ended today, probably one of the worst camps I attended in my life :/
Nonetheless, the content was good, because they covered the ressurection of Christ (but half the time I wasnt listening ooops) I met many elites(omg grads from cambridge, imperial etc) during the course of it and of course i felt super inferior. But something I noticed, is that it does not really matter so much when we all enter God’s kingdom.
It might sound like a consoling statement but it’s true, because we’re all equal in the eyes of God. There were so much controversial debates that took place, and obviously I kept silent throughout because I had nothing to say? Haha, anyway something someone brought up shook my heart. She said, that at the end of the day, all these debates about faith/ grey areas will go no where. They merely make us more intellectual, and so what ? Rather, we all should come before God and check our hearts twice. The person who said it is a lawyer btw, and I thought she made lot of sense.

Ive been feeling randomly emofied for the past few nights, and I realise that God hasnt been in the center of my life in recent weeks.
Next week is youth camp, and honestly Im getting quite sick of everything because people arent responding to me. Why the hell am I trying to juggle crusade reg and youth camp planning so efficiently and the some of them(not all) just go wooweeeahhh(slack-mode, what i feel, at least)
God, teach me forbearance and.. let me know tht Im doing it for you.

So happy because im finally meeting joey and kwan tmr !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it’s beeen so long )):


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