ahhhhh :D

second time feeling really happy after crusade meeting > 😀
school’s starting really soon, and im not prepared this time round
not as excited as I was for Sem1, not as eager to start studying all over after this break
this break has been totally accomplishing for me, with all the community work, ad hoc work, parttime job, camps, and what nots

well youth camp this year had many ups and downs
it exposed the character of our youths in particular, and the revival constraints we face etc
it also showed the capabilities of committee members, and pontentials amongst the even younger ones
i think this camp was successful because relationships that we didnt have before have been built over the past 3 days.
imagine, we’re going out for a movie tmr >>> 😀

im beginning to see how God works wonders in small little ways, and im tasting so much of his love
not only in church, youth, crusade but anywhere!

chanxi is back, huihong’s reaching singapore in 2.5hours, feels like time has been rewinded to the period of after As…  ahhhhhhh nostalgia overload!!


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