One day we all reach the age where we ought to be spiritually mature. And that day, we need to know what to say to younger ones who poses questions to you. That day has arrived. And I do wonder if im even spiritually mature enough. That’s where reading of the word daily is important. I’ve been doing it, but not doing enough of it, which makes me feel unequipped.

Ive noticed, (and some have told me before) that people think im more open now. Sadly they didnt know that I was like this all along, just not in church hehe. I guess it’s okay to be natural at times (continue being dao-ish and loner-ish) because ultimately im not in church just to get into everyone’s good boots. That’d be a wrong reason to attend church!

Other than that, apart from the so busy life that im entertaining right now, I’m just very grateful that God seen me through this entire holidays
For a certain youth(or so i know), it had been lifechanging
for another, it could have been just ordinary
For me, it was uber meaningful and rewarding
How has yours been?

I remembering wanting to do an intern before school ended, but gave the thought up because of other commitments. Thank God He didnt open any doors for internships otherwise i’d have missed out on so much.

Now that the chapter for holidays is coming to a closing and we all say hello to SEM2, it means a new level of focus and discipline.
Way to go margs, getting busy with crusade soon !!


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