before i fall asleep tonight, and while talking to dawnbey online, i have decided to pen down some mid year resolutions(in my diary)
the june holidays were packed, filled to the brim, rewarding etc
the july holi-nomore-days were similarly packed especially when cx and hh are back you do nothing but hangout with em non stop.
It’s 16days into july, and already more than 6months into 2010..

can finally declare that im more or less settled into school already(again) must be those prayers everyone’s been praying for me!
in due time, the hype of these crazy busy hectic schedule will fade, and it’s back to majorly serving God and school.
It’s good this way, im happy for the year. Say there’s this flight of staircase, well, im onto my 7th step already. Been climbing up one step each month!

have you been climbing?


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