Pooor touch has been abandoned since noghurt came into existence. I’d never like this to happen when it comes to friendships.

Last night mich tweeted on my accnt accidentally, that real friendships do exist. Of course I believed that, cause I’ve never in my life been outcasted fully before.

ButI think this makes it even harder for me to grasp the trueness of real in real friendships. So last night after reading that particular tweet, I tried valuing the word real, I must admit ive been really lucky all these years to have met real friends who stay by me up till today. Looking at many of my platonic friends and how despicable their other ‘best’ friends can be, I actually doubt the meaning of what best is.

One thing for sure, is that Jesus is my best friend and he is real.

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2 thoughts on “Friendships

  1. hahhahha chillllax cx! (eh it rhymes :D)
    anyway realised how we talk less online now that we’ve got whatsapp? keke hahhahahaha

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