@.@ ugh brought my laptop to school for no reason
Coming to the library because of aircon+free wireless to stream my youtube vids, only to realise i forgot my earphones = epic phail
& wanting to print music lyrics +chords out w/o my cashcard = mega ultimate phail
wasted the past hour of my life!

haha so before i rush home to do everything i need before i head for crusade in an hour,
im making myself feel better by at least writing an entry over here to say that i didnt bring february(my laptop’s name, btw) in vain.

happy birthday singapore!
i realised im actually kinda patriotic, and i rlly miss times where we spent national day in stmargs ):

life’s been hectically fun yeps maybe because it’s hectic thats why it’s fun
okay i should get going, have less than an hour to get home and back to somewhere near school :/

i miss home cooked food. i wanna eat steam egg, and apple soup, and hmm maybe some celery?
mummy will you cook dinner for me soon ? i promise to come home for dinner one day heehee


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