When august comes, and four more months to go before reaching a new 2011, there’s nothing much to describe how fast a happy year has gone by. 
Happy times has this really positive relationship with speed, so much that time just goes by so quickly you hardly take notice of it. 
Facebook(active users) lets you see what people have been up to. Some you admire, some you fancy, sometimes making you wish you could be like them, getting all popular and pretty and what not. 
I thought my year has been really good this 2010! but when i see some others, theirs seemed much more .. materialistically/worldly better. 

If you talk about friendships, Ive made many new ones this year from university, crusade, church and work. Some good, real, but some ahem, superficial. Ive been comparing my friends of late, and i made this conclusion (idk if it’s hypothetical, but it feels kinda true) that popularity neednt come virtually, it neednt be made up, and life is more than playing/just doing well in studies/career . 
This view might be really lopsided, but from that range of friends ive made, ive seen how most of my crusade friends live life as usual without facebook accounts, how even joey, can survive without twitter, how not attention seeking they are, and yet despite all these, they inherit equally wonderful lives.  

The other day, my friend asked me to join him by deleting our fb accnt. Would I miss out so much without a virtual identity of myself on the web? Im not an avid user of fb/twitter because I got sick of it few months after using them, but i cant seem to let them go either. Maybe yeah, im just kaypoh afterall tsk. 

Nono, this isnt getting me emo all over, in fact life’s been way too good to be true. Of course I miss my besties over in melb, but thankfully i have the rest here in Sg. 


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