RT  Rick Warren : a skilled sailor knows how to set his sails so that even adverse winds move his boat in the direction he’s planned to go

It’s barely day 2 of study break and im like ugh-out already 
I realise my concentration span is only that of 1hour max, then i’ll either take something to eat/ turn on the tv/go onto twitter/ whatsapp/ping and whatever ): 
How did i even manage to focus like i did in secondary school? im a perfect example of a person who’s passed the blooming stage, where i blossomed in secondary school and am about to grow frail and weak rn 
My self will and determination has fallen to beyond what i can remember, it’s been making me feeling lousy and ive been wallowing in self pity. 

Rick’s timely tweet has been somewhat a comfort to my very appalled self today. 

Other than discipline issues, ive been on a massive struggle.
1. Deciding on which specialisation I should take come thursday
2. Striving for the best even though you know the world’s unfair

The boons and banes are like a see-saw, even I dont know what to think about it anymore
Well Well, but before you know it, everything mentioned in this post would be worthless once exams are gone. 

i cannot wait for my favourite friend to be back


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