tooth extraction

Owch , i waited more than 3hours in the morning at my dental clinic for consultation and was instructed that i needed to extract my upper right wisdom tooth cause it’s hurting the gum below. The process wasnt exactly pain, but the post-extraction was a killer, my dentist said I could faint any moment because there wasnt sufficient glucose in my body so she got me to sit outside for another hour to get back my balance. I slept so soundly the moment I arrived home and hmm, just had thick sticky yummy cantonese porridge bought by my Dad.
All the ♥ you get when you’re a sick kid..

I tweeted that I had better get my stuff today, but this 1.8cm tooth spoiled my beautiful shopping plans I had earlier on in the noon.
It’s probably a note to self that I’m getting wiser, albeit the removal of my first wisdom tooth today. Suppose I waitied for a check up tomorrow morning instead, I would be looking like a dumpling instead of a pau now. At least the swell has subsided, I should be able to chew on solid food and enjoy myself at the 2 ‘parties’ i’m attending on saturday.

Which reminds me, that I’ve been working almost consecutively for more than 2 weeks. I’m thinking about getting a new digicam.. should i should i ?


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