Remember the really long post about my 2009 (you can read it here)
i am about to attempt a second one about my 2010 though i highly doubt 2010 will be long..

I recall mentioning that 09 was really a test of faith from God and that I was glad he put me through all those shit, so that I would come out stronger.

Hmm, few major milestones in this year, and if last year was ‘test of faith’ , then i would call this year ‘growth of faith’
Well, I bet I did Nth number of QT this entire year, stepped out of my comfort zone, met people of all sorts, started serving in ministry and not to mention, i even started working while studying.

The first quarter of the year saw me with only excite. For academics, crusade, friends, everything. I was so happy I returned to studying after a gap year. I also started serving in crusade, I must say, with joy (:
Certain mods were weird, like computing.. but the rest were fine. There was a major hiccup for me particularly when I really disliked the ineffectiveness of my project group for one of the mods where I really brokedown almost daily secretly because I thought we were on the verge of failing darn badly. I remember saying prayers so hard and the chionging period was mad but God really showed me a miracle by providing my Group and our effort with the grade of High Distinction. It was so sweeeet.

In about March, Agape Youth had some structural changes. There was a challenge brought to me to start leading the younger ones in youth. Taking it up wasnt tough, but being prepared to lead was a huge task for me to carry out then. I remember one of the saturdays where I was supposed to be mugging for accounting exam at a night study session at candice’s place, I felt so burdened I ended up crying half the time because I wanted to retract and withdraw from SLITs(Student Leaders In Training) God revealed to me the second time when I put aside my studies to settle my spiritual battles I had inside of me. If I didnt speak to him that night, I would not have gotten peace and focus in my heart which let me ace accounting exam so well. I did pretty well for Sem1 !

The term break was rewarding and mad because i had 3 camps back to back, and I started work at dailyscoop and the second term of school was much better and okay really no mood to reflect anymore everything’s just (:

This holidays have been awesome as usual i need to start getting my pace right again. Gonna look forward to 2011!

Time to write some xmas cards ! Blessed christmas everyone!


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