my mind’s going bonkers

maybe i tell you whats on my mind now(the entire morning) :

  1. ER assignment research (BIG BULK OF IT)
  2. a) VH party later
    b) what present to buy
    c) card making time at 5pm
  3. a) UCberkeley Modules transfer
    b) application for intl house accomodation
  4. Screwed Hotmail and SIMaccount outlook inbox settings that i need to figure out 

and at the back of my head there’s totally no time to settle whats supposed to be done:

  1. Ongoing Birthday gathering planning
  2. HMT indiv assignment
  3. Crusade/Church Prep

all in masses and messes and im so stress i shitted 3times today already
help i need to think like an adult behave like one and act like one


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