5 more weeks

I’m 6hours behind revision time.

The route to the upcoming summer program is so stressful Visa Accom Travel Plans Flights and everything is so tedious and headachy but I knw they’re all worth it.
I spent the whole morning settling all these items and caught a glimpse of cxhh back in melb over skype. Definitely looking forward to studying abroad !
Audrey has been really welcoming and helpful she’s been really understanding, smart and experienced enough to save me lots of hassle in travelling when Im over at the states. Im really excited now but I need to sit down and focus.

It’s only 2 weeks to exams and I Havent Started on One Module Im Really Scared. So it’s time, to hit books and give God his utmost honor and amongst all these , leave the content of the heavy draining talk I had about agape youth with my friends.

University Life is totally about independant living.


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