politically sound

I’m sitting at block9 bus stop and looking over 2 tree cutter grooming the estate of holland close. And I’m reminded of the grow and share package I received last week from the government and all the out of the blue initiative repair/upgrading works hdb is doing to please the citizens. But Why? Ohh, Elections are coming!
.. Which makes me wonder if there’s a motive and expectation from all these ‘blessings’ from the government.
Yeahyeah, obviously the government has made me happier because there’s more income for spending (!Import spendings to be though) and made holland close a more inclusive society. But is it still politically right that I’m questioning their actions?

The older we get, the more political we become. We doubt, judge and become the most cynic being. I’m not talking about government politics, that’s too far off, I’m referring to work. Work politics would suffice.
I need to learn how to survive in this trapped world of politics. I think with God in the picture helps a fair bit (:


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